Terms and conditions

Access of kids to the Coccolone Party Club is possible after their parents / guardians have read the general terms and conditions:

1. There is a no smoking policy in all premises and indoor areas of Coccolone Kids Party Club.
2. We accept children up to 12 years of age.
3. Parents a personally responsible for all children under the age of 2.
4. We recommend that all children under the age of 3 be accompanied when they enter the playground area.
5. Kids can be picked up only by the parent / adult who brought them in. Exceptions are agreed on in advance.
6. In order to keep the premises clean, children can enter after they have washed their hands and taken their shoes off. They can play in slippers or socks.
7. Clothes and shoes are kept in the designated places.
8. It is not recommendable to bring in expensive items, toys, or jewellery. Coccolone Kids Party Club will not be responsible for any damages, or for lost toys or other items brought in the party centre.
9. Guests are not allowed to bring in any electric toys, small or sharp objects, or any other unsafe items.
10. The staff may ask any of the kids to leave if they disturb or jeopardise the safety of the other guests of the club.
11. In order to guarantee that the kids will feel well and comfortable not only during their play but also after they leave our centre, no sick kids are allowed in the children’s area. The staff may refuse to accept a kid or decide to terminate a kid’s stay at the centre if they suspect that the kid may be sick.

In these cases ‘sick’ means having:

  • A cough, running nose, rash, sore throat;
  • Infectious diseases;
  • Stomach aches;
  • High temperature;

12. All kids will be required to comply with the safety instructions for events organized at the Coccolone Kids Centre or outside of it, as well as in emergency situations (accidents, natural disasters, etc.).
13. The play centre can accommodate up to 30 kids.